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Humans buy your services. Websites sell your services. Websites are for humans.
The challenge is designing a website that both a robot and a human enjoy!

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For Less Confusion and More Clicks

A poorly designed website could be costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars a month depending on the traffic and the average cost of your service. For every person that bounces from your site you can just multiply that number by the average cost of your service and you’ll have a general idea how much you are losing. No, you will never capture 100% of the people that visit your website, but there is a big profit difference in increasing conversion by 1%.

Conveniently, design and function are not only huge factors to increasing traffic but also conversion. Plus, focusing on improving the conversion will have an immediate positive return based on the current level of traffic. However, if your traffic is low or non-existent then redesigning your website is only the first step to a systematized process of creating a positive ROI.

Ways to Lose Money on a Website

Less Confusion

Confusion makes a person spend more energy on finding info and making decisions. The more effort your customer has to use on your website the more likely they are to leave. Clarity is the key to a positive experience and more conversion.

More Clicks

People don’t click in a website because of either timing or a lack of understanding and direction. Your site not only needs to be clearly designed, but also simply state what it is you offer and why and how that benefits your customers.

Higher Rank

Clear and organized design helps Google find your site and understand what it is about. Then, once found, people will spend more time on your site and Google likes that. We design sites that not only convert but function to improve rank.

What is a Conversion Focused Website?

Yes, a website has to be aesthetically pleasing. However, unless your service is based around design, it’s the copy (the words) that sells.

Let’s demonstrate the power of copy (what you say) in a real world setting: A roofer shows up to someone’s house driving a new vinyl wrapped F-250 four door. Obviously he’s professional and serious about his business. But, when he knocks on the door and the homeowner answers the first thing he says is “Hi! My name is Bob with Hawg Roofing and I’m the best roofer in town. I’m honest, reliable, and trustworthy! There’s no doubt that you should pick me to replace your roof!”

The roofer has not said or done anything of value for the customer. Also, all he talked about was himself and led with assumptions. Yes, the nicely designed truck helps with conversion, but it is not enough by itself.

Here’s what he could have said: “Hi! My name is Bob with Hawg Roofing. Do you know if your roof was damaged in the hail storm a week ago? Oh, you’re not sure? Well, would you mind if I climbed up and did an inspection at no charge?

Bob was no longer the hero. Instead he is the guide that is helping the actual hero (the homeowner) overcome their challenge. Many websites need to stop talking about themselves and instead focus on the problems their customer is facing and how they can help their customer solve that problem.

By implementing story-based copy into the design of websites the conversion can greatly be increased.

Conversion is Found In Communication

Why Worry About Web Design?

On the flip side, a homepage that looks like a word doc will not provide the highest conversion either. When people visit a website, they aren’t just looking for more information. They are trying to determine if they can trust you and do you have the authority to fix their problem.

We live in a world where the harder it is or the longer it takes to obtain and digest information the more business you lose. You need a good design to make it faster and easier for your customers to find what they are looking for and gain trust that you can provide the answers.

Good design is the skill of clearly communicating through simplification.

2011 is Calling...It Wants Its Site Back...

When to Focus on Your Website?

Data – Look at the data. How many people are visiting your site? From where? What is the click through rate after they land? What is the bounce rate?
Let these be determining factors to gauging improvement.
If the numbers above are low or if it’s been a while since any adjustments were made, then you need to have someone look at it asap. The longer it sits not producing the more opportunities you miss.

Website Design Services Fayetteville AR

Website Costing You Money? Fix It!

Who Can Build a Website?

You could…but, unless you have experience and the tools to know what your customers are looking for it could take you hours upon hours and then still not get the results you’re looking for.

Don’t just get a website built or redesigned because it’s something you “have to do.” Make sure that when your site is over hauled it is optimized for conversion and search engines.

I’ll audit your website for free. I’ll show you what I find via a screen-cast. Just click below to request yours today!

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How Do You Rank a Website?

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I cover the basics to provide you with an understanding of how you can optimize a website to rank.